At university I honed my skills in bringing together all the elements needed to put on a memorable party:  a theme, great speakers, dance playlists and just the right amount of accoutrements to foster fun through the night.   I tell myself that running a business is a bit like putting on a party and my days now are taken up with details, very often new and creative ideas of how to make FixMyCrack the go-to place for student tech repair.  

Sometimes, after a particularly long day of zoom calls and spreadsheets and faffing, I am exhausted and need sleep but at bedtime I start looking up random websites on my laptop and hours go by.  The next morning when I am tired and wishing I hadn’t spent quite so much time looking at great goals Arsenal had scored or the best surf beaches in Costa Rica, I wished I had just turned out the light.   I wondered where this compulsion to sabotage my productivity comes from and it turns out there is a name for it:  “Revenge Bedtime Procrastination”.   If we don’t make space to have leisure time built into our day,  we think we are browsing the internet for entertainment but we are really taking revenge on the relentlessness of our to-do list.  If this is something you recognise then the article below explains it in an accessible way.   I am hoping it will help me understand my own behaviour and I will be able to change what is really a destructive habit.


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If I just jump Mario to the right…


About the Writer:  Casey Sather is the founder and CEO of FixMyCrack.



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