Not all team meetings have to be held indoors.  Our FixMyCrack bubble decided to catch up on business and walk in the Spring sunshine this morning while working through some ideas.   Our pace tends to speed up or slow down depending on the topic being discussed and how difficult it is to find a solution.   We drove out to our favourite place where we had previously spent time watching a kestrel dive bombing the local field voles, it is possible to walk for miles on the sign-posted footpaths.   After some time, we sat down on a fallen tree to take in the landscape and it wasn’t long before we could see in the distance a black horse ambling to where we were sitting drinking our flasks of coffee.  Soon, joined by a white horse, they came right up to where we were sitting and started to investigate: the taste of our hands, the smell of our hair and clothes.  A surreal moment that, because we had phones with us, were captured.  The photograph below is evidence of our encounter.  After all the “why the long face?” jokes were exhausted it was time to retreat from our increasingly inquisitive equine friends.  In one generation we carry our cameras everywhere, a record of our lives.  Looking forward to seeing whether photographs changed during lockdown.


Smells like team spirit!

About the Writer:  Casey Sather is the founder and CEO of FixMyCrack.



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